Check In and Casting!


Monday I officially moved to Disney World and find myself just one day away from becoming a cast member!

The updates I could give you could go on for hours, so, for now, I'm just going to talk about the Disney events I attended the past two days. More exciting adventures to follow (preview: Magic Kingdom, fireworks, a flooded kitchen).

Monday I drove into my new apartment complex, Chatham Square. All my roommates were placed together (yay!) but in a small, two bedroom six-person apartment (sad). Still, we adjusted pretty quickly until the crisis started (but that's another story...). Check in went so quickly and before I knew it I had a housing ID and a bed! We show that ID everywhere, so if you're doing the DCP, never forget it!

My roommates are wonderful and moving in went smoothly. I later explored Disney Springs with one roommate, Maggie, and one of her friends and her roommates. It was a good first night and I was really looking forward to finding out my job the next day.

Enter Tuesday: Casting! It's mostly paperwork but I waited (im)patiently for my job in the big atrium where Disney statues loomed large over us. So I will be in Quick Service Food and Beverage at the Wilderness Lodge in Roaring Fork! (So hit me up if you're around :)). I'm very excited, I love that resort and it's near Magic Kingdom without the crazy hours. I also got my schedule and come Friday afternoon I will be an official cast member. I have Saturday off which means- PARK TIME. Then Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I have brief training days before getting a more complete schedule.

After casting I came back to explore the apartment complex a bit more with Jenny and Emily and then our roommate adventures entered unanticipated territory.

Stay tuned...