I'm a Disney Cast Member! (Again!)

After just one month of Florida Life, I am proud to say I’m once again a Disney Cast Member!


Last Wednesday, I once again found myself at Disney University for Traditions, the first day of work for every Disney cast member from VPs to interns. A lot of it was different from 3 years ago when I last sat in Traditions (but then again, a lot has changed at the company since 2016). For one, it was eight hours instead of four, and there were a lot of new videos and information. But just as before, it’s meant to get you pumped about working with Disney again and on board with the company’s values.

Of course, I have yet to start training in my new role. As a part-time Disney cast member, my training is more spread out than it was as a DCP, so I still have two weeks before actually working in my role and interacting with guests. Even when I do start scanning tickets for all the guests visiting Animal Kingdom, this is only the beginning. I still have work to do on being “in the moment” down here and not constantly trying to figure out what’s next (maybe I’ve watched too much of The West Wing). I need to be more patient as I work towards my goal of obtaining a full-time professional role backstage.

Despite all my thoughts of future plans and stability, I teared up when I received my name tag and could once again pin it above my heart (laugh if that’s cheesy, but I teared up at my roommate’s note to her pregnant friend last night so it doesn’t take much). Three months ago, this was just a dream—I had no idea how easy or how hard it would be to work with Disney again. But there I was, “Leeann: Indianapolis, IN” on my chest. Sitting in a Disney classroom. With Mickey Mouse himself there to welcome us all to the company.

I officially feel at home.

The Story of a Library

I had so much fun at the Indianapolis Library Foundation’s Cheers for 50 Years event last week to celebrate 50 years of ensuring quality programming for the library! I got to speak about how the library impacted me and represent young library users of the 1990s, and thought I would share my remarks below. Happy reading!

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