The Last First Day

My best friends Jordan and Hattie posing with me for our Last First DAy of School photo.

My best friends Jordan and Hattie posing with me for our Last First DAy of School photo.


I've grown up going to school. My life has been organized based on class and breaks, basketball games and social functions, homework and tests. The three years I spent not at school are long forgotten in my mind, and were still spent learning--albeit how to eat, walk, and talk.

Yesterday was my last first day of school, the last time I start a fresh batch of classes with new school supplies and books in hand. I had mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I love the first class. Fresh paper, a new syllabus, writing everything in my planner, getting exciting over course material--the first day reminds me why I like school and learning so much.

But it also reminded me how, at least for now, this is the last time I get to learn for the sake of learning. Anything I want to know about colonial America I need to learn now. Any pieces of writing I want multiple people to critique needs to be written and read this semester.

A lot is uncertain about life after May. I might go back to school one day; I might not. This is the semester to participate to the fullest in class discussions, read every assignment, write the things I've always wanted to. 

It's scary and sad to think I'm leaving college behind. But it's also incredibly exciting to think of all I can do in the time I have left.


Below the Line

Bike in flowers Today is kind of entirely a Below the Line post, and I'll tell you why:

Coming to school has been quite the change for me. I have an entirely new schedule to get used to, a new living arrangement, and new food. I'll be honest with you, I'm struggling to get back into the swing of things. I'm already behind on my homework, and it's the fifth day of school.

I've also had some diet changes thrust at me just this weekend that I'm still trying to process and understand amid all the other changes I'm dealing with right now. I can talk about that later, if you want, but right now even I'm not sure what it all means.

Basically, I haven't had the time I would like to work on this blog. I miss it, trust me- I miss it a lot. But now my madly typing fingers need to focus on nature writing and literature and history analysis.

If things go as planned (fingers crossed!) expect a regular blog post on Friday. But if not, bare with me. I'll get it all worked out!


Unconventional College Packing List

I started out thinking I would write the generic "Top 10 Things to Bring to College!" post. It's the start of my back-to-school series (woot woot!) and what better way to start then with a list? But once I asked my Facebook friends for their suggestions, it turned into so much more than just a list (and so much better). The things my friends found as "must-haves" ranged from bed sheets and towels to a Time Turner and blankets for floor naps. From my friend Danielle:

Never underestimate the power of a comfy chair (or futon if you're blessed with space), especially for those introverts among us who enjoy studying in our rooms but not necessarily enduring the cold, hard reality of a desk chair for hours on end. Other than that, I would have to say I'm inordinately fond of my hanging closet shoe rack. It only takes up a little bit of precious closet space but can be used to organize all kinds of small non-shoe items.

And my friend Lydia:

A tiny but well stocked first aid kit and a tiny travel sewing kit! You might be surprised how many disasters can be saved by some band-aids or thread.

Then there's Grace, whose comments just can't go unrecognized:

I also always bring my SpUnKy personality and good looks.

As I laughed along or nodded in agreement, I realized how much stuff I use at college the lists online never prepared me for. So I compiled a list of all the Facebook suggestions, more or less in my friends' own words. The items in bold were suggested more than once, and therefore are the best stuff on the block. ;)

But enough of my blabbering! Without further ado, here is the unconventional college packing list:

The Unconventional College Packing List | Scribbling in the Margins blog

What are your unconventional college (or uni, my European friends) must-haves?


Below the Line:

  • Special thanks to my friends who generously offered up their must-haves: Grace, Lian, Kirstyn, Casie, Laura, Haley, Hattie, Jackson, Alison, Danielle, Erin, Erica, Kenzlie, Audrey, Kate, Sarah, Lydia, and Mary Kate. You guys are bam-kicking ;)
  • Second installment of my back-to-school series coming up Friday! Hmm, I wonder what it could be...
  • My family went on our annual trip to the Indiana State Fair on Saturday! My sister tried a deep fried Oreo and deemed it "really yummy." My favorite part was the penny candy- but then again, it's always the penny candy :)