Watching Star Wars for the First Time: Episode V


Before we get started with today's recap, I just wanted to briefly update everyone!

It's exactly three weeks until I check in for my Disney College Program, WOO HOO! I submitted my roommate and housing requests today and class registration is Wednesday. It's getting so close!

Also, if you haven't already, check out my DCP blog posts! I also took the plunge and made my first Youtube video, which is scary but also fun. If you could take a look, maybe even subscribe, that'd be amazing :) Soon I'll be posting about packing and all the preparation stuff I've done so far.

And now, please enjoy my thoughts on Star Wars: Episode V:

Star Wars, round two!

Oh of course. Luke is in charge of the rebels. But he's like 15.

"Evil lord" Darth Vader. No subtleties about this film.

Weird camel things hit the scene. Luke looks out at weird robots with a one-eyed binocular.


Why they making Chewie do all the hard work? It's made the poor guy skinnier!

Han seems to be leaving for no reason at all. And he's acting super sexist to Princess Leia.

In other news, R2 is back and that's great.

A convenient light saber is left just in Luke's reach so he can escape.

Luke chops off Yeti's arm: "just a flesh wound."

I feel like the Rebels couldn't make it without Luke, Han, and Leia. Like, Luke is missing and only Han can find him?

Chewie is so sad that Han and Luke are "dead" and that makes me sad. He's sadder than Leia.

THE KINDLY OLD MAN BEYOND THE GRAVE. He's given Luke a message that can only mean one thing: Yoda.

By some stroke of luck Han finds Luke. And the weird camel thing just decides to up and die so that Han can rip it open to keep Luke warm without guilt.

 Random scene of Luke in a water tube.

Han. Stop. Harassing. Leia.

The new Death Star looks like three floating pizza slices.

Where did these evil people come from? Literally everyone died but Darth Vader in the last movie.

There's no way he rebuilt a fleet that fast. Not even Mufasa can do that.

Caroline is complimenting Darth Vader's evilness and that concerns me more than the fact he just casually killed a guy OVER A SCREEN.

The big elephant machines! I've seen those!

Han's riding Solo. He's riding Solo, Soloooo (because Leia dissed him)


And what a weird winter costume choice for the Storm the images. A little creepy.

R2 randomly shows up to save Luke. But how.

Pizza slice ships are back and as menacing as ever

Han is so creepy to Leia. Why, this is terrible for her.

Luke's cliches! They continue.

Yoda looks like a puppet. What happened to the improved budget?

What is wrong with Yoda? He's beating up on R2 and I don't tolerate that.

I am not okay with this Han/Leia story line at all. Not at all.

Let R2 in the tree house!! Luke is such a jerk. It's raining and R2 wants in.

Yoda reveals himself finally. Gives Luke the smack down he needs.

Luke faces his greatest fear- himself turning evil. Yoda stirs lake with a stick.

#thatawkwardmomentwhen Your light speed doesn't work.

Meanwhile, Luke performs magic tricks while R2 whistle whistle bleep bleeps a warning as the ship sinks away.

"Try not! Do! Or do not. There is no try."

"I don't believe it." "That is why you fail." #yodamikedrops

Bounty hunter lucks out, literally stumbles upon the Falcon.

Yoda is so sassy. He just purses his lips and shakes his head and you know he's not about Luke.

Luke sees a city in the clouds. Next scene his friends land in a city in the clouds.

Princess Leia trusts no one. So smart that woman.

Luke, ever so moody. Ever so stupid. Literally the smartest people ever, the kindly old man and Yoda, are telling you to not go to the cloud city and you still do.

Suddenly Leia and Han are a thing even though he assaulted her. Like what.

If I was Leia I would just be so done with all the men constantly trying to get with me.

Oh no! It's Darth Vader! They've been tricked!

Wait what? Did we skip the dinner? What's happening with Chewy? Where was the transition?

They left Chewy tools? Why would they do that? Now he can escape! The past five minutes were not well-edited.

Freeze? Really Darth Vader, you have to freeze him? If you were really that cool you'd use the force to paralyze him. This is moving too quickly, I can't keep up.

"You have to take care of her." LEIA DOESN'T NEED A PROTECTOR.

ALSO WHAT NOW SHE LOVES HIM??? There is so much wrong with this.

Dramatic head tilt by Han.

This "will Han survive?" thing is not sad to me because I know he makes it to the seventh movie.

Luke is really stupid part I. R2 is adorable but loud.

Luke is really stupid part II.

Luke fighting Darth Vader is like Harry trying to defeat Voldemort in year two. He's totally not ready, just like what Yoda said.

Storm troopers literally stand still when good guys take their guns. Put up no fight.

R2 spins in circles in front of bad guys for no reason.

Luke is really stupid part III.

Darth Vader as he falls who knows how far. Followed by an awkward pause.

If I was Darth Vader, I'd get better henchmen. The storm troopers are worthless.

R2's motto is "they see me rolling. They hating."


#thatawkwardmomentwhen your dad is trying to kill you

Luke is really stupid part IV

Leia is really smart part like 1,000. (Although she's kissing everyone. Leia you don't need a man.)

"Set your weapons to stun." OR SET THEM TO FUN.

You know, if Darth Vader kidnapped 3PO, I wouldn't be sad.

Every time I hear Darth Vader say "son" all I hear is Mufasa. "You are my son..."

R2 saves the day! I knew he could.

A magic hand for Luke!

Luke, go back to Yoda. Like you had your fun, you were proved wrong.

And now, we stay tuned for Episode VI!