Six More Days


I still have one (open note, open book) final left, but for the most part my college career is over. I turned in my last ever undergrad paper today and walked back to my apartment to do laundry.

Six more days.

It seems like a long time to wait, sitting in my room, hanging out with my friends, eating at our college town's finest. But in a lot of ways, it's not enough time.

Six days to meet up with favorite professors, one last time. Six days to see the people who populated my time at DePauw. Six days to visit each academic building one last time. Six days to hit up all the bars (all four of them) in Greencastle.

One of my friends signed a lease for her apartment today. Another found an apartment and is applying for jobs. Two friends finished their senior seminar projects. One came back after sending her fiancé to his first day of work. We're already adulting. College is basically over.

Six days to tell everyone how much they've meant to me. Six days to walk over to my friend's house because she lives just across campus. Six days to see everyone in person, without plans.

Six days left of being a college student.


See you on Sunday.