Why I'm Moving to Disney World


I’m not what you would call a “risk taker” or “adventurous person.” Going to bed later than 10:30 is a wild night for me. When I go to a new place I have Googled Mapped the heck out of it before even starting the car.

But sometimes, you just know it’s time to try something different. Even if that something new is kind of scary and risky and everything you’ve never done before.

Which is why I’m excited to announce - drumroll please -

I’m moving to Disney World!

Earlier this month, I switched to working remotely at my PR agency job. Last weekend, I moved out of my first (perfect, beautiful, wonderful) adult apartment. And Saturday, I’ll hit the road with everything my Honda Civic can hold and head south to Orlando.

I’m doing the thing everyone talks about, but few ever do. I’m throwing my trademark-Leeann caution to the wind and following my dream - to work for the Walt Disney Company. Oh sure, I have still planned every inch I can, from my Excel sheet “Operation: Find Disney Job” to a living situation to perfecting my resume. But I have no idea when my next job will come, what I’ll be doing, and what starting this adventure will feel like.

I’m still the responsible, organized person I’ve always been. But at 25, with no house, no partner, and no dependents, now is the time to jump and see what happens.

Because taking the risk is worth it to challenge yourself. Grow in who you are. And hopefully come out of it living your dream.