Symphony in the Park

When my mom said that the symphony was coming to the park by our house, I didn't expect we'd go. It comes every summer, and we normally just stick our heads out of the back door and have a listen for a few minutes before coming back inside to our chores and screens. This time, however, my mom and I found ourselves inching from the front porch, to the driveway, to the backyard, and finally to the park itself. Lured by the very music itself.

Symphony1There's nothing quite like orchestral performances. As an ex-oboist, I always find it crazy how all these different instruments playing different things could come together and create something beautiful. Funny how sound works like that.

Next year, I will without a doubt be parked in a folding chair in the park, waiting for the symphony to beginย before the show has started. Because getting to hear music like that (live and in person) is what summer's really about.


(Enjoy the performance of a songย from my favorite musical,ย The Music Man!)