What I Read: Eleanor and Park

2/5 pineapples

(Why pineapples? Why not! I love them :))

Eleanor and Park

Please! Hold the tomatoes! Back away with the snark! Don't hate me just yet.

I know this book is supposed to be something amazing. Every YA author has promoted the heck out of it. It sits at a pretty 4.21 rating on Goodreads, and several professional book reviewers have sung its praises.

But here's the thing: I hate lovey-dovey romances.

None of my friends in high school became completely obsessed with their significant other like Eleanor and Park did. People fought, they got mad, and they didn't just get over it the next day. Because in real life, that's not what happens. I found myself skimming parts when Eleanor and Park think and gush on and on about the other. I rolled my eyes at the end; I couldn't help but think... what???

The parts about Eleanor, just Eleanor and her crazy mixed up and unfair life were what I liked the best. I wanted to know more about her, her family, her past, how she'd gotten to 16-year-old Eleanor. Eleanor is a rich, wonderful, unique character and Rowell did amazing things with her. Character development itself is great, and I did like how Rowell took two people who wouldn't even talk to each other and make them fall in love. Watching that was great itself, and I loved how subtle it started out.

Short Story: This was not the book for me. I'm not into gooey romances, but I know several of you out there are, and you will enjoy this book. Rowell mastered character development and a subtle growth in Eleanor and Park's relationship, which warrants the two stars and makes it a good read.

Have you read Eleanor and Park? What do you think about teen romance books? What should I read next?