Roommates, Apartments, and Classes

This week is wild in terms of Disney updates, and it's only Wednesday.

On Monday my roommates and I were relieved to find out we can all request to live with each other! Not everyone can "link," as it's called, with 5 other people, so we count ourselves as lucky. So, if everything goes according to plan, Emily, Maggie, Jenny, Lilly, and Brittnee will be my roommates! We met each other on one of the DCP Facebook groups and are all recent graduates (Emily just graduated from grad school!). I got to video chat with a few of them Monday night, and it was so fun to finally get to "see" each other instead of just chatting on Facebook.

The program that runs housing and classes is called DORMS. It took me through the process of registering my car and requesting my roommates and apartment. There are four different apartment complexes you can choose: The Commons, Chatham, Patterson, and Vista Way. Within each one there are 3 bedroom/6 person, 2 bedroom/6 person, and 4 bedroom/8 person options for my group of six. 

With those options, we ranked our apartment preferences. We want that in-house washer/dryer, so The Commons is our first choice. Second is Chatham, because it has a bus stop; third is Patterson, because it's the same as Chatham but no bus stop; and finally Vista Way because it's old and loud. We should know before check-in day which complex we get.

Then today the floodgates opened and class registration began. While some people use the classes at Disney to get credit for the program, I am taking one purely for fun. The type of class I picked, called an Exploration Series Seminar, has no homework or tests. All I have to do is show up, participate, and learn!

After half an hour, I finally got the system to let me register for Disney Heritage! This class is all about Disney history. I am so happy to get it, because it's one of the most popular choices and fills up quickly. The class starts in late September and ends mid-October. I can't wait!

If you're reading this and thinking about doing the Disney College Program, let me know if you have any questions! I'd be happy to do a post explaining any of the process so far, too (it's kind of confusing and I've done a LOT of research to prepare).

Until next time- have a magical day!