I'm a Disney Cast Member! (Again!)

After just one month of Florida Life, I am proud to say I’m once again a Disney Cast Member!


Last Wednesday, I once again found myself at Disney University for Traditions, the first day of work for every Disney cast member from VPs to interns. A lot of it was different from 3 years ago when I last sat in Traditions (but then again, a lot has changed at the company since 2016). For one, it was eight hours instead of four, and there were a lot of new videos and information. But just as before, it’s meant to get you pumped about working with Disney again and on board with the company’s values.

Of course, I have yet to start training in my new role. As a part-time Disney cast member, my training is more spread out than it was as a DCP, so I still have two weeks before actually working in my role and interacting with guests. Even when I do start scanning tickets for all the guests visiting Animal Kingdom, this is only the beginning. I still have work to do on being “in the moment” down here and not constantly trying to figure out what’s next (maybe I’ve watched too much of The West Wing). I need to be more patient as I work towards my goal of obtaining a full-time professional role backstage.

Despite all my thoughts of future plans and stability, I teared up when I received my name tag and could once again pin it above my heart (laugh if that’s cheesy, but I teared up at my roommate’s note to her pregnant friend last night so it doesn’t take much). Three months ago, this was just a dream—I had no idea how easy or how hard it would be to work with Disney again. But there I was, “Leeann: Indianapolis, IN” on my chest. Sitting in a Disney classroom. With Mickey Mouse himself there to welcome us all to the company.

I officially feel at home.

My Favorite Walt Disney World Attractions

The "best" ride at WDW is such a contentious topic. So I conquered my fear of roller coasters and elevators breaking and rode every ride at WDW (except Mission: Space, because claustrophobia was the one fear I couldn't quite conquer) during my year in Florida.

After careful consideration and a lot of time spent waiting in lines, here are my top favorite rides...

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In Which I Return

It's been three weeks since I've started my new job at Disney. But much longer since I've written anything on this page.

I've had the worst writer's block. Of all time, it feels like. Every time I sit down to right something, it comes out all wrong. All my ideas feel stale, overused. Anything I say is already said by far more qualified people.

So I said nothing. About my life, about Disney, about America. I didn't know how to.

But that's not why you're here. You're here to hear about what I'm up to, what I'm doing. That I can oblige.

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