Photo: @maggieoreimer

Photo: @maggieoreimer


My best Florida-friend Maggie came to town for a quick weekend visit, and since she had never been to Indianapolis I tried to give her the highlights while overcoming Indiana's February weather - rainy, cold, and gray.

But that didn't stop us from seeing fresh flowers at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (or Newfields as they're calling it these days—but I'm stubborn). The Museum's greenhouse was full of bright and fresh plants that brought color to our day. Maggie and I enjoyed wandering through the aisles and letting the warm air soak in before heading back out into February.

I don't take much time to step into the “greenhouses” of winter. I should. This winter has been a rough one, and not just because of the weather. I struggled with the cold and the gray, especially after spending last winter in an extremely sunny climate. If any orchids showed up during each day, I didn't see them.

So it was good to spend a moment hiding from winter. To enjoy time with my friend who I hadn't seen for five months. And to pretend it wasn't 40 degrees and rainy for 10 minutes. 

It's March now. Spring must be on the way.