Best Places to Meet Chip 'n Dale

You may see two giant chipmunks, but I see two lovable creatures ready for the best character meet-and-greet you've ever had. Fortunately, Chip 'n Dale make appearances all over the park, making the two of them easy to find in all sorts of situations. Here are my favorite places to visit them:


Festival of Fantasy

"Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?" CHIP 'N DALE. Okay, maybe not quite, but they steal the show at the end of the Festival of Fantasy parade. Dressed in colorful capes with ridiculous hats, Chip 'n Dale aren't afraid to come up to adults and have a little fun. My favorite moment? When Dale hugged Maggie's balloon.

Photo: @maggieoreimer

Photo: @maggieoreimer


The Garden Grill

When it's called "Chip 'n' Dale's Harvest Feast," you know these two have a starring role. Dale demonstrated how he made the macaroni and cheese in the kitchen while Chip flossed his tooth with my hair and then handed a strand to Maggie. You never know what these two troublemakers might do.

Photo: @maggieoreimer

Photo: @maggieoreimer


Middle of Main Street USA

For some reason, Magic Kingdom has determined Chip 'n Dale should meet guests at the front of Main Street. An odd choice, since chipmunks don't fit with the turn-of-the-century theme (unless they dressed Chip 'n Dale in Dapper Dale outfits - how cute would that be?), but an excellent photo op. On one of our last days in the parks, Maggie insisted we get our photo with Chip 'n Dale here. That photo (above) has become one of my favorites. 

What are some of your favorite places to meet these troublesome chipmunks?