Below the Line

Bike in flowers Today is kind of entirely a Below the Line post, and I'll tell you why:

Coming to school has been quite the change for me. I have an entirely new schedule to get used to, a new living arrangement, and new food. I'll be honest with you, I'm struggling to get back into the swing of things. I'm already behind on my homework, and it's the fifth day of school.

I've also had some diet changes thrust at me just this weekend that I'm still trying to process and understand amid all the other changes I'm dealing with right now. I can talk about that later, if you want, but right now even I'm not sure what it all means.

Basically, I haven't had the time I would like to work on this blog. I miss it, trust me- I miss it a lot. But now my madly typing fingers need to focus on nature writing and literature and history analysis.

If things go as planned (fingers crossed!) expect a regular blog post on Friday. But if not, bare with me. I'll get it all worked out!


To Do in June

JuneGoals I was thinking about where I want to go with this blog and just what I can do with it, when I thought I should start putting my thought into action. I love writing the book reviews, but I also want to mix them in with other posts, like my college tips, adventures, and (coming soon!) "what I use" type posts. I want to grow this blog more, and finally pick a name so that I can advertise with pride. So I decided to set some goals for myself for the month of June, both about this blog and my other summer activities!

  • Post at least two times a week. So far my posting has been pretty sporadic. I've been trying to post as much as possible, but without any type of schedule or plan. Now I have a plan, and I'd like to stick with it. I hope to up this to every other day next month, but June is crazy for me and I like to accomplish my goals :)
  • PICK A NAME. If you don't know, leeanniebananie is just a placeholder name for this blog. I haven't officially decided on what I want to call this blog yet. PLEASE leave me any suggestions you might have. I'm currently looking at my favorite books for quotes to use, so hopefully something sticks out there :)
  • Read three books. So I can review them for you, of course!
  • Keep a work schedule. I have one other blog and two jobs, along with this blog, so I need to schedule out time for each activity. I don't want to fall behind on anything, and I also want to make sure I have time for the things I love this summer!

So those are my goals for June! What are you hoping to do this month? Please leave any name suggestions below, I'd appreciate the help :) leeann