About the Blog

After suffering through the Great Novella Disaster of 2014 (or a really tough writing course), I knew I needed an outlet for my writing. A place I could write what I wanted, when I wanted, however I wanted. And with that, Scribbling in the Margins was born.

This blog is a little about everything. Mostly, you will find posts about being a twenty-something and Disney. But since this started so I could write whatever I wanted I will post about any other random topic that suits my fancy.

I want SITM to be fun for me, so I don't have a posting schedule. I strive for once a week, but expect long periods of time when I'm gone :)

The goal of Scribbling in the Margins is to be a blog without a category: a place where I can empty my head, practice my writing, learn photography, and hopefully entertain some people along the way!

About the Writer

I’m Leeann, the mastermind behind Scribbling in the Margins. While OF COURSE you are here to read every post I’ve ever written, I’m sure you also want to know a little about just who that voice behind each post is.

Happy to oblige.

I’m a 23-year-old recent graduate from a liberal arts college in the middle of Midwestern cornfields. I made the adult decision to move to Walt Disney World (yes, the one in Florida) post-graduation.

Besides reading and writing I also like writing letters, watching Gilmore Girls, eating popcorn, doing anything Disney, hanging with my family, and visiting new places.

Come on in, stay a while. Hopefully we'll all learn a little something :)