In Which I Return

It's been three weeks since I've started my new job at Disney. But much longer since I've written anything on this page.

I've had the worst writer's block. Of all time, it feels like. Every time I sit down to right something, it comes out all wrong. All my ideas feel stale, overused. Anything I say is already said by far more qualified people.

So I said nothing. About my life, about Disney, about America. I didn't know how to.

But that's not why you're here. You're here to hear about what I'm up to, what I'm doing. That I can oblige.

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Working Fantasmic! and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

I'm past the halfway point of my program and to jazz things up a little I managed to move my shifts around in order to try working at some new places!


First I went to Fantasmic!, the nighttime show spectacular at Hollywood Studios. They have food where guests first enter and it was my job to fill the orders. The menu is simple so it wasn't too hard, but very different from my job at Roaring Fork! For one I wasn't actually making anything, just grabbing the food from warmers and pouring drinks. I had fun though and it was a quick rush! We rarely get a crowd at the Lodge so it was interesting to see how busy locations run things.


Then just this past Tuesday I worked at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! This is the special nighttime event held at Magic Kingdom on select nights in November and December. There's cookies, hot chocolate, and other festive drinks all around the park as well as special character meetings, an exclusive parade, and Christmas show in front of the castle.

Since the party requires a separate ticket, I joined the group of cast members who stand behind the turnstiles and hand out the wristbands that distinguish the party-goers from the regular Magic Kingdom attendees. It was a lot of fun putting on a cute Christmas costume and spreading holiday cheer! And I wasn't in charge of a single plate of food- what a relief. 

I'm glad I got the chance to work new places- it's nice to get out from the Wilderness Lodge once and awhile!

I'm Staying in Disney World!


Long time no write, but my goodness much has happened. 

Perhaps the biggest news- I'm staying in Disney World! I was offered a Professional Internship with the lovely title "New Vacation Operations External Communications Intern." Basically, I'll be working for the Public Affairs team for the Disney Cruise Line (and a little bit of Adventures by Disney and the Disney Vacation Club too) doing written communications. I'm so so excited and feel so lucky to have been selected. 

My internship starts January 16 and runs until June 3, so if you're coming to Florida in that time let me know. As I learn more I promise to update you all.

As far as getting the internship went, PI applications are an intense process. I applied for roughly 8, and two denied me instantly for not meeting "basic qualifications" that, at least according to the application, I did meet. I met with the Learning Center here to have them look over my resume and met the most delightful education intern who connected me with her friend who connected me with the DCL department I ended up getting my internship with. So it's true what they say- at Disney, connections are EVERYTHING. Plus it's a lot of fun hearing people's Disney stories and everyone is so kind and friendly. It's unbelievable how nice Disney employees actually are, and how willing these lovely ladies have been to help me, someone they barely know!

The interviews were unlike other interviews I've had. I felt like the women I spoke with (my future supervisors!) only wanted me to succeed and were very warm and welcoming. I felt comfortable at these interviews with only a tinge of nervousness :) 

When I got the call that I was offered the internship, I almost couldn't believe it! I still can't believe it sometimes. I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity, and can't wait to start the next part of my Disney journey!

Disney College Program Round-Up #1

My main blog has been quiet the past few weeks as I've focused more on my DCP Fall 2016 tab. So I thought I'd bring to you a round-up of everything that's happened over there and on my YouTube channel!

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