In Florida You Need a Fan or a Jacket


Two-and-a-half weeks in Florida and I already feel like I’m settling in and making it my home. For example, last week I went to the movies and remembered to bring a jacket around with me because down here you’re either melting from humidity or shivering from air conditioning. You may feel silly carrying a jacket around in 93-degree heat, but spend more than 5 minutes inside and you’ll be glad you have it.

Because of the afore mentioned heat, I have spent most of my time here inside. I still have some work to do for my old job, along with applying and searching for new Disney jobs and putting my room together. That doesn’t mean I haven’t found time to visit my new city - I’ve already been to all the parks and Disney Springs multiple times.

Perhaps the most fun I’ve had is seeing my old friends again. Now that my best asset is time, I can spend it whenever I want doing things like eating at Food and Wine and walking around Animal Kingdom. These activities are far more fun with friends to catch up with and help you decide “yes, that second dessert IS a good idea.” But sometimes I just walk around the park, trying to see how far I can go before getting stopped by hordes of people or how fast I can walk without bumping into strollers and ECVs every few minutes.

While these activities take place outside, sometimes I get so hot once I get back to my car I just blast the air conditioning for 10 minutes until I think I may want that jacket again.

But I better get used to the heat. My tan lines are already starting to form from my Chacos and my hair is already lightening from the sun, and I’ve barely begun my time spent outside. Because starting next month, when the temperature drops to a balmy 85, I’ll spend at least three days a week outside at Animal Kingdom, greeting all the guests as they scan their tickets and enter the park.

That’s right, I’ll be a Disney Cast Member once again! I’m so excited to wear my name tag and start my Disney journey this soon—even if it means needing a fan for these first few months working outside.

The Third Country


I've talked a lot about dreams on this blog so far this year. 2016 is, for me, the year of dreams since so much is happening. I went to London and Paris. I'm graduating. I have endless possibilities for the next step in my life.

Things have been happening recently. One thing I'm holding on to for a while, but you should know soon. The other thing is plans for spring break, my last spring break for the foreseeable future.

I'm going to Canada.

I've dreamed of going to Canada since I was young. I don't even know why. I'm just fascinated with the country. To me, it's what the States could have been if we'd been under British rule longer or if France had a stronger presence. Just colder and nicer. (Also, Tim Hortons.)

I want to know what's up there; I want to know what it's like. When I told this to my friend Danielle, she wanted to join in. So come March, the two of us are packing up my Honda and heading north while our peers seek sunnier shores.

If you have any suggestions for things to do or see while we're in Canada, please let me know in the comments below!

Toronto, here we come.