Photo by:  @maggieoreimer

Photo by: @maggieoreimer

I’m Leeann, the mastermind behind Scribbling in the Margins. While OF COURSE you are here to read every post I’ve ever written, I’m sure you also want to know a little about just who that voice behind each post is.

Happy to oblige.

I’m a 23-year-old recent graduate from a liberal arts college in the middle of Midwestern cornfields. I made the adult decision to move to Walt Disney World (yes, the one in Florida) post-graduation and then made another adult decision to move back home and start my first real job writing, strategizing, and editing communications at a PR/Advertising agency.

Besides reading and writing I also like writing letters, Disney, watching Gilmore Girls, Disney, eating popcorn, Moana, hanging with my family, Disney, and visiting new places.